Streams HD | 4K | HDR | Dolby Audio Streaming MediaPlayer

Dynalink Google TV Box

  • Legit certified Google TV 12.0 OS

  • Officially licensed by Netflix and Disney Plus

  • Easy-to-use Google TV interface

  • Powerful ARM Quad 64-bit Cortex-A35 CPU

  • Google Assistant Voice Control

  • 4K Ultra HD Resolution

  • Built-in Dolby Audio

    • Support 30 Days Refund

    • 1 Years Warranty

    Limitless Entertainment

    Ultra HD 4K Visual Clarity

    High storage capacity of 16GB

    Voice Control that Does It All

    Dolby Audio

    Easy-to-Use Google TV Interface

    Powerful ARM Quad 64-bit Cortex-A35 CPU

    Simple to Setup and Use

    1. Attach Dynalink TV Box to TV (Power on your TV and device)

    2. Connect to internet

    3. Start streamin


    Dynalink TV Box



    Voice remote:

    Google Assistant Built-in:

    Control smart home devices:

    Dolby Audio:




    HDMI Consumer Eletronics Control(CEC):




    Streaming is relating to watching video or listening music directly from the internet, instead of downloading files in your computer.

    You will only be charged a monthly subscription for services or channels that available from Dynalink Channel Store such as Netflix.

    A typical Google services that support Android TV are available on Dynalink TV Box, for example Chromecast, Google Assistant, Google Play, YouTube.
    1. The availability of Android TV Apps is different depending on the country or region.
    2. Dynalink TV Box is intended for consumer use and should not be used by developers. The Apps that requires advanced certification are not available on Dynalink TV Box.

    Yes. Dynalink has built-In Google Assistant and in Apps voice search. Search for photos, check the weather, and set an alarm. Your life should be simple.

    A Dynalink TV box is created to work with one TV at a time. We recommend getting an extra Dynalink TV box device for additional TVs.

    Streaming Player X1

    Adaptor 5V 1A Micro USB X1

    HDMI Cable 24mm X1

    BT Remote Control X1

    Battery AAA/R03P X2

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