I find my Dynalink RCU can't control/pair the box. (Including voice control) What can I do?

Please follow the steps and check again,

  1. Check the battery voltage.
  2. Make sure the RCU to box close enough when pairing.
  3. Goto " Setting"->"Remote & Accessories".
  4. Choose the BT remote and choose "Un-pair".
  5. Restart the box.
  6. Hold "Volume +"(Not “Volume –“ ) and "OK" key together around 3-4 seconds until the red line blank 3 times. (make the remote factory reset)
  7. Follow the pair steps that box indicate.
  8. If it doesn't work after step 1->5. Please try to factory reset (The path: "Setting"->"Device preference"->"About"->"Factory reset") of box.
  9. Please contact to customer service if it still has issue.