What if I cannot connect to Dynalink WiFi or login to WebGUI with default password on the label?

First please check carefully the default password on the label, some words and numbers such as l vs 1 and 0 vs o looks very similar. The format of wifi password is [word:a-z][word:a-z][3 digit number:0-9]. So only last 3 digits are 0-9. For example, agencyanchor153 is correct, but agencyanch0rl53 is wrong. The password format of WebGUI login is [word:a-z][2 digit special char][3 digit number:0-9], for example, bakery#$123 is correct, but bakery#Sl12 is wrong

When your password is correct, but it still cannot connect or login. Please attempt to do a hardware reset.

For hardware reset, please use a pin or sharp-pointed pen to press and hold on the reset button till the LED start to blink blue, you need to hold the reset roughly 10 seconds. Please note if you just punch the reset button once, Dynalink Router will reboot, but not reset to default.

Please check the LED behavior carefully during hardware reset. The LED should first start to blink blue for a few seconds, indicating it is doing reset to default. Then the LED will become solid red, indicating it is doing power cycle. Then the LED will blink blue for about 45 seconds, and then become solid blue when system is ready. If you do not observe the exact same LED behavior, maybe you did not press and hold the reset button long enough, and you should try it again.