How to update the Router’s firmware to the latest version?

Launch a browser and log in to the web user interface. Navigate to System Settings > Firmware and see the configuration settings of Upgrade from Internet. Use the Check button to inspect the latest firmware version. An information prompt will help you to check if the router needs to be update or not. Then click the Update button and proceed to firmware update process. This will cause the router to reboot in a few seconds. When all the loading process is completed, log in to the web user interface again. You will see the firmware version is up to date.

  • Dynalink WebGUI
1. Check the current firmware version

2. Update to the latest firmware version
  • Dynalink APP
1.Check the current firmware version
Please click Dynalink Router’s icon > Router Information > Firmware version
2. Update to the latest firmware version

Note: If you have problems resolving router issues by the solution described above, please contact Askey’s technical support via this website: