How to reset DL-WRX36 router to factory default settings?

A factory reset will restore all the settings to default status just as you firstly got the router. Make sure you have already backed up the configuration before using the process of reset to default to fix other issues. Factory reset could be done via the reset button on the back side of the router (See in the user guide 3. Let’s get started for the location of each interface). Press and hold the button for 7 seconds. You will see the power LED starts flashing blue and then lights off in a few seconds. After that, the router will reboot automatically. You can see all the configurations become default status when the process is completed. In another way, you can also reset the router to default via WebGUI or APP. Go to System Settings > Configuration & Reset and click the Reset to Default button. The router will automatically start the factory reset process.
  • Dynalink APP


  • Dynalink WebGUI