Router - Features

Is it possible to assign a specific channel and mode to each 2.4GHz SSID? For example, SSID1 2.4GHz will have channel 6 and mode b/g, and SSID2 2.4GHz will have channel 1 and mode ax/g?
Does the Dynalink DL-WRX36 even support 160MHz Channel Bandwidth on the 5GHz?
Can I connect a USB Hub adapter with attaching multiple USB storage to Dynalink Router?
What is the difference between the Router and Access Point mode?
What is DHCP normal mode? When should I use it?
Does the Dynalink Router support the Access Point (AP) / Bridge mode?
Does Dynalink Router support VLAN?
Can multiple DL-WRX36s establish a mesh network connection?
If I connect USB dongle on Dynalink WiFi’s USB port, can I access my USB drive from remote location?