How to set up OpenVPN Server on the Dynalink Router?

  1. Login with the username and password you set up for your router account via WebGUI. By default, your user name is admin and password prints on the label on the bottom of Dynalink Router.

  2. Go to Security > VPN > OPENVPNSERVER and enable it.

  3. If you only want to access Dynalink home VPN for certain service, go ahead to Export the OpenVPN Configuration to file (client.ovpn) directly. If you want to route all your Internet traffic through VPN (e.g., to get around some Internet blocking) mechanism), then you need to select the Advanced Settings and select Internet and local network, then export the Open VPN configuration file.


4. Modify your ovpn file manually to update your correct IP address. Use a wordpad to open the exported client.ovpn file, you will see the first few lines like below.

dev tun
proto udp
remote 1194
keepalive 10 20
ns-cert-type server
comp-lzo adaptive
reneg-sec 3600
The is Dynalink Router’s WAN IP address assigned by your cable/DSL modem, but not necessarily the Public IP address that can reach your Router. Use Google to find out your real IP address as below.

Then replace the IP address in client.ovpn file with your public IP address

remote 1194 à remote 1194

5. Add user name and password for login as below picture and write down the name and password.

6. Your Dynalink Router connects to a modem in most cases. Please check if your modem has integrated Firewall/VPN/Router function. If yes, please set up your Dynalink Router WAN IP address as DMZ IP address for your modem. Therefore, the incoming VPN traffic sends to Dynalink Router and not be blocked by your modem.

7. Set up your VPN client on the Windows PC. Visit and download and install open VPN Window client.

8. From the open VPN client, first import the OpenVPN configuration file (client.ovpn) you just edited. Enter the user name and password in step5, then you can connect to Dynalink Router via OpenVPN.

There are also Android OpenVPN client available. Just follow same steps to import the client.ovpn file and enter username and password, then you can connect to Dynalink Router.