How to set up OpenVPN Client on the Dynalink Router?

  1. Setting up OpenVPN client is much simpler than setting up the OpenVPN server. You need to set up the OpenVPN server first before you can set up OpenVPN client. For other VPN server, please refer to user manual for your other device.

  2. After you set up the VPN server, you will get a OVPN file and a set of login/password (If you are not using Anonymous)

  3. Go to WebGUI > Security > VPN > VPN client, select VPN type to OpenVPN. Select the OVPN file from your OpenVPN Server and click Upload.

4. Enter Username and password if the OPENVPN server use username/password. If you would like to get all Internet traffic to go through VPN, please select Yes on Enable Default Router. Click Apply when finished. You can also add some description for your own reference.
5. After you finished the OpenVPN client set up and apply the setting. You will see this VPN client setup below. Just click the Activate and you can activate this VPN tunnel.

6. Once connected, you can see Connection Status changed to connected. Moreover, you can click Deactivate to disable this VPN tunnel.