Dynalink AXE10200 WiFi 6E Mesh System Firmware v1.10.01.284 Release Notes

Apri 18, 2023

Device firmware v1.10.01.284:


  • Add redirect function for IOT server control, due to this service by Google will be shutdown in Q3
  • Improve the IPv6 WAN & Gateway learning mechanism


    • App won't be logged in any more after config-restore 
    • Console dumped "Systeme is not ready" repeatedly after rebooting 


    APP update  iOS 2.0.15, Android v2.0.15:


    • Improved the message notification timing and process on UI to give a better understanding on the repeater connection, band steering and QoS status.
    • Parental control setting process and UI optimized to deliver a more intuitive user experience

    • FW Update status improved for a better user experience


    • Wifi connection stability enhanced


    • Miner bugs fixed