Dynalink AXE10200 WiFi 6E Mesh System Firmware v1.10.01.298 Release Notes

July 18, 2023

Device firmware v1.10.01.298:


  • Add redirect function for Google IOT server control


    • Fixed the issue of Wifi point randomly crash/reboot when disable 6G interface with Daisy Chain
    • Fixed in WebGUI connection display issue when Wifi router connected with 2 Wifi points with Ethernet cable in Daisy Chain
    • Fixed the LED off function of the 2nd Wifi points will not immediately work at daisy chain environment
    • Fixed the issue of WebGUI LAN interface ( over Guest WiFi can be pinged and logged into unexpectedly. There should be no WebGUI LAN access over Guest WiFi and this has been corrected.
    • Fixed the issue that WebGUI's Port-Trigger function fails randomly on the devices connected with Wifi point
    • Fixed the issue of WAKE ON LAN fails randomly on the selected devices over WebGUI
    • Fixed the issue of failing to log in App or access to GUI "login.dynalink" when IPv6 WAN enabled and combined with IPv4


    APP update  iOS 2.0.16, Android v2.0.16:


    • App upgrade for Google IoT cloud server migration: New IoT server introduced


    • Account binding flow separated, now user can decide when to bind the device under user's account


    • Miner bugs fixed