Dynalink AX3600 WiFi Router Device Firmware v1.10.01.254 Release Notes

July 18, 2023

Device firmware v1.10.01.254:


  • Add redirect function for Google IOT server control


  • Fixed the connected Device counting is incorrect randomly in massive clients condition and cannot reach to max multi-clients
  • Fixed the issue that the router cannot reach to max multi-clients in massive clients condition
  • In Static IPv6 mode, wrong blinking magenta indicates on Internet LED if unplug and plug in WAN cable issue is fixed
  • Fixed the random issue when confirm new firmware available dialog and not trigger the router to do FOTA download
  • Fixed the issue that always show smile icon in WEBGUI even WAN cable unplugged in pure WAN static-IPv6 Internet

APP update: iOS 2.0.16, Android v2.0.16


  • App upgrade for Google IoT cloud server migration: New IoT server introduced


  • Account binding flow separated, now user can decide when to bind the device under user's account


  • Miner bugs fixed