Why my Dynalink TV box cannot be powered on?

Please check if the power cord is fully plugged into the device. If the device still can't be powered on, the power cord may be defective. Please change the power cord and try again.

What to do if my BT remote control cannot connect to Dynalink TV Box?

Please check if the remote control is out of the range of connectivity. Make sure you are close enough to the device.Changing batteries of the remote control may help.

Press the button on device makes BT pairing again. Follow the steps to pair BT remote control.


What can I do if BT remote control cannot pair with Dynalink TV Box at the first boot up?

Please check if the remote control is out of the range of connectivity. Make sure you are close enough to the device.

Changing batteries of the remote control may help.

If the steps above cannot solve the issue, please restart the device and try again.


What should I do if my Dynalink TV Box is unable to connect to Wi-Fi?

Please check if other devices can connect to Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi AP cannot be connected, please check with Wi-Fi AP troubleshooting guide.

If only Dynalink TV Box cannot connect to Wi-Fi, please ensure the setting to connect to Wi-Fi is correct. If still not working as expected, try to reset the network setting of the device.


What to do if the TV has no sound or video?

Please ensure the HDMI cable is fully connected to the TV and the device. If the cable is fully connected and there is still no video or sound, then the cable may be defective. Please try using another HDMI cable.


What to do if the App crashes or is not responding?

Please reboot the device. After the device’s reboot, check for system and App updates. If the App is still crashing or not responding, please force stop, clear cache and data, or uninstall and re-install the App.


What to do if the voice search is not working?

Please ensure the device is already connected to the internet. If the device is connected to the internet and it is still not working, you may need to re-pair the BT Remote Control:
Step 1. Go to the "Settings" page, then select the "Connected Devices".
Step 2. Select the "Dynalink Remote" and un-pair it.
Step 3. Press "OK" and "Vol-" key on the BT Remote Control to trigger the re-pair process.

Note: If you cannot see "Dynalink Remote" in the "Connected Devices" list, please jump to Step 3 directly.

What can I do if I can't sign in to my Google account during Dynalink TV Box setup process?

Please ensure your password is correct. If you forget the password and no longer have access to your Gmail, please use another account and try again.


What can I do if the TV can’t display with Dynalink TV Box?

Please plug and unplug the HDMI cable several times. If it doesn't work, please find another TV/Display set to try again. It may be caused by elder TV or damaged EDID.


Why can't I connect to my WiFi AP?

Dynalink Box support Wi-Fi 802.11ac (2.4 GHz / 5 GHz), if you can't connect WiFi AP. Please follow the below steps.

  1. Double check your WiFi password is correct.
  2. Restart the Dynalink Box and your WiFi AP and try again.
  3. Make sure another device can connect the WIFI AP. (Ex. cell phone.)
  4. If it doesn't work after step 1/2/3. Please try to factory reset (The path: "Setting"->"Device preference"->"About"->"Factory reset")
  5. Contact customer service if step 1/2/3/4 can't fix the issue. Please provide info:
  6. Which encryption you use? (Ex. WPA2 / Open)
  7. Which band you use? (Ex. 5G/2,4G)
  8. What you saw in WiFi list of Box.


I find my Dynalink RCU can't control/pair the box.(Including voice control) What can I do?

Please follow the steps and check again,

  1. Check the battery voltage.
  2. Make sure the RCU to box close enough when pairing.
  3. Goto " Setting"->"Remote & Accessories".
  4. Choose the BT remote and choose "Un-pair".
  5. Restart the box.
  6. Hold "Volume +"(Not Volume “–“) and "OK" key together around 3-4 seconds until the red line blank 3 times.(make the remote factory reset)
  7. Follow the pair steps that box indicate.
  8. If it doesn't work after step 1->5. Please try to factory reset (The path : "Setting"->"Device preference"->"About"->"Factory reset") of box.
  9. Please contact to customer service if it still has issue.


Why I power off the device and it immediately turns back on?

This mechanism will be changed on next SW upgrade. The next update is planning to release in 2021 Q1 by Google OTA update.