How to Use Dynalink TV Box

Exploring Dynalink features

Can Dynalink remote be used to turn off TV as well?

Yes. You can enable from below step:
Step 1: Setting
Step 2: Apps
Step 3: See all App
Step 4: Droid settings
Step 5: Open
Step 6: CEC Switch on
Step 7: One key play on
Note: CEC function is affected by device compatibility. Not every device are always workable.


Does it have an internet port or is it Wi-Fi only?

It is Wi-Fi only.

Can I install Kodi?

Yes. Kodi can be installed in Dyanlink TV Box.


Does Dynalink TV Box work as a player for media?

Yes, Dynalink can play the MP4 and M4V files.
  1. Require valid Apps "that Apps could access files" to access the NAS driver.
(Users must configure the access of the NAS driver.)
   2. A player Apps is required to play the video and audio files.


Is this device support IPTV?

If your IPTV vender has his own APP on Google ATV play store, it should work.


It is possible to put an USB dongle for direct Ethernet connection?

We recommend only using USB port for power supply now.

Can I connect Dynalink TV Box through my phone?

Yes. Dynalink TV Box can be connected to phone WIFI hotspot.


How to update the system to the latest SW version?

Please follow the steps to check update
Step1. Go to settings page then select the “Device Preferences” item.
Step2. Go to the “About” item then select “System update”.
Step3. Press the “Check for update” button to check if there is a newer version of SW.

How to use Android TV App to control Dynalink TV Box?

Please download the Android TV App from the Google play store. Ensure the device and the device with Android TV apps are in the same Wi-Fi network. Find the device name to connect it.


How to do the factory reset on Dynalink TV Box?

Please follow the following steps to do the factory reset:
Step 1. Go to the "Settings" page, and then select "Device Preferences".
Step 2. Select "About".
Step 2. Select "Factory Reset" to start.
Note: All data will be erased.


How to connect Micro USB Cable

Please connect the Micro USB Cable to power on your Dynalink TV Box.


How to pair BT Remote Control

Step 1. Go to the "Settings" page, then select the "Connected Devices".
Step 2. Select the "Dynalink Remote" and un-pair it.
Step 3. Press "OK" and "Vol-" key on the BT Remote Control to trigger the re-pair process.