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Dynalink Android TV Box V2.01.06 Release Notes

May 28, 2021

SW Update V2.01.06 Release Notes

  • [TVTS]Resolved TvtsYouTubeHostTest#testYTPlaybackPerf Fail
  • Upgrade Netflix app version to 8.1.2
  • Upgrade PrimeVideo app version to 5.4.9
  • Add February secure patch
  • Solve the problem that CEC volume control changes continuously or responds many times
  • Solve the problem of volume recovery after some programs start mute
  • Solve the problem of no sound after switching sound format on some TV,such as Hisen520UA

If you encounter the problem of not being able to switch between languages after the update, please disable HDMI CEC auto language first.
The path is Settings → Apps → Droid Settings → Open → HDMI CEC

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